The Estefans' Life Story Makes for an Exuberant ON YOUR FEET!


“The connections that music makes are amazing,” said Gloria Estefan. “To me, it’s worth all the risks you take putting your life out there.”

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The music and life stories of Gloria and Emilio get you ON YOUR FEET!


The Paramount Theatre becomes a joyous bubble of bouncy conga drums, brassy horns and florid hip gyrations as ON YOUR FEET! comes to Seattle.

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Emilio and Gloria Estefan to Receive Library of Congress Gershwin Prize


The husband-and-wife team represent the first couple and the first musicians-songwriters of Hispanic descent to receive the honor.

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SHN and ON YOUR FEET! donate $10,000 to support the next generation of Latino youth in Perf. Arts


The cast celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month with more than 300 students, teachers and family members from Cesar Chavez Elementary School.

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Gloria and Emilio Estefan on the Love, Life and Politics Behind ON YOUR FEET!


“ON YOUR FEET! is about love: love of country — both our native land and the country that opened its arms to us, love between each other, love for music.”

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They're Gloria and Emilio, eight shows a week: How the stars of ON YOUR FEET! channel pop heroes


Prades and Martínez have been on the road for 8 months, starring as Gloria Estefan, the queen of Latin pop, and her impresario husband, Emilio.

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Gloria, Emilio and the cast of ON YOUR FEET! at "The Talk"


Gloria, Emilio and the cast of ON YOUR FEET! stopped by to chat and perform on “The Talk” and it was quite the Party Time.

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ON YOUR FEET! Strives for Authentic Gloria Estefan Sound and Story


ON YOUR FEET! is fueled by the lasting love of the Estefans, and their humble roots in Cuba before climbing the charts in the U.S.

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Gloria Estefan Shares Her Life – From Immigrant to Pop Star – in ON YOUR FEET!


For Gloria Estefan, ON YOUR FEET! isn’t just personal; the hit musical champions the American dream.

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ON YOUR FEET! Returns to Where its Conga Began


ON YOUR FEET! is wittily written by Alex Dinelaris, fully cognizant of all the Estefans did to disrupt the racist practices of the music business and, most importantly, a heck of a good time.

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Mauricio Martinez Goes In-Studio with Great Day San Antonio's Christina Blackwell


“The more I know him, the more I love him … the more I get to understand his passion for life,” says Mauricio Martinez on playing the iconic Emilio Estefan.

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Best Seat in the House: Christie Prades & Jordan Vergara teach NBC's Nikki Rudd how to Conga!


Reporter Nikki Rudd goes behind the scenes to learn some dance moves with the stars of the show!

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Music Director Clay Ostwald Looks Back on the Musical Legacy he Helped Create


“It’s a reminder to us of how much the music meant to us when we wrote it and how much it still means to people who enjoy it now,” says Clay Ostwald.

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Christie Prades Talks Playing Latin Music Icon Gloria Estefan


“I’m so honored and honestly grateful to play someone that in all respects I’ve looked up to growing up,” says Christie Prades.

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The Cast of ON YOUR FEET! Pays Tribute to Gloria Estefan at the Kennedy Center Honors


The talented company of the musical based on Gloria Estefan’s life, ON YOUR FEET!, perform a medley of Gloria’s most memorable hits.

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Gloria Estefan left Cuba as a Young Child, but the Island Defines Her and Her Music


Gloria Estefan is the first Cuban American and seventh Latin artist to receive the Kennedy Center Honors.

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Christie Prades & Mauricio Martinez on Becoming Friends, Playing Superstars & Touring America

11/22/17 got the stars dolled up for an exclusive photo shoot and chat about their connection and why it’s an honor to portray the Estefans.

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ON YOUR FEET! Costume Designer Electrifies with Costumes


Emilio Sosa brings to life the Miami vibe through his electric costumes for ON YOUR FEET!

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Gloria and Emilio's Latin Legacy is Celebrated in ON YOUR FEET!


“We’re proud every time a Hispanic or somebody with our sound crosses worldwide,” says Gloria Estefan. “The door opens that much further.”

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ON YOUR FEET! Brings the Estefans' Story to the Stage with Authenticity


Tony-winning Director Jerry Mitchell says that Gloria and Emilio Estefan’s story is an important one to tell, especially today.

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Telemundo Chats with Mauricio Martinez and Alma Cuervo at Straz Center in Tampa


You don’t want to miss Mauricio serenading Telenoticias’ Cristina Puig!

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ON YOUR FEET! Finally Makes it to Miami


ON YOUR FEET! finally opened in the place where music superstars Gloria and Emilio Estefan made their dreams come true: Miami.

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Lifetime TV's "The Balancing Act" Goes Behind the Scenes of ON YOUR FEET!


Host Amber Milt sits down with the Estefans to hear about how their love story became a smash Broadway hit!

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Emilio and Gloria Estefan feel the love at Shea's Performing Arts Center in Buffalo


For the Estefans, the launch of ON YOUR FEET! in Buffalo represents an opportunity to inspire fans who weren’t able to see the show on Broadway.

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Tour Stars Get Ready to Do the Conga Beat


Christie Prades and Mauricio Martinez discuss the universal appeal of ON YOUR FEET!

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Cast Complete for National Tour of ON YOUR FEET!


Broadway veteran Nancy Ticotin, Original Broadway cast member Alma Cuervo, Jersey Boys star Jason Martinez and others to join the tour.

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ON YOUR FEET! National Tour will star Christie Prades & Mauricio Martinez


Christie Prades will star as Gloria Estefan and Mauricio Martinez will play Emilio Estefan in the first national tour of ON YOUR FEET!

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ON YOUR FEET! to Close on Broadway and Embark on National Tour


We will play our final Broadway performance on August 20, 2017. Catch us during our final weeks before we conga on tour!

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A Day in the Life of Ana Villafañe


What is a day in the life of Ana Villafañe like? Jeryl Brunner gives our fans an inside look.

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ON YOUR FEET! Will Launch 31-City National Tour


We’re kicking off our tour with a National Tour Grand Opening in Miami – the home of Emilio and Gloria Estefan!

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ON YOUR FEET! Celebrates 500 Performances


On January 18, 2017, ON YOUR FEET! celebrated our 500th performance on Broadway!

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Explore Andrea Burns’ Backstage Sanctuary


Andrea Burns gives viewers a look inside her exciting and cozy dressing room.

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On Your Feet! Shares a Genuine Latinx Story


Ana Villafañe shares how ON YOUR FEET! allows actors to play genuine Latinx characters and take pride in their roles.

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Take A Look Inside Ektor Rivera’s Dressing Room


See some of Ektor Rivera’s original art and post-show rituals, as he gives you an inside look at his dressing room.

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Gloria Estefan Live on Huff Post


Gloria Estefan chats live about family life, her upbringing, and some of her favorite hit songs.

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Gloria and Emilio Estefan on Fox 5 NY


Gloria and Emilio Estefan chat with Fox 5 NY about On Your Feet! Plus, Ana Villafañe and Ektor Rivera perform.

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Andréa Burns Finds Inspiration in Her Roots


Proud to play an authentic Latin role, Andréa Burns draws inspiration from women in her own life.

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Backstage Tour from Ana Villafañe


Get a backstage tour from Ana Villafañe! See her dressing room, explore the hair department, and find out why Ana hides in a fountain.

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Ana Villafañe’s Latest Vlog


Ana Villafañe answers fan questions and gives us a glimpse into girl’s night on her latest vlog.

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Felicia Velasco’s Role as a Child Guardian


Our youngest actors keep Felicia Velasco on her feet! Learn more about Felicia’s crucial role as a child guardian.

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Ana Villafañe and Ektor Rivera Chat with The Curtain Up Show


Ana Villafañe and Ektor Rivera discuss their journey as actors and their favorite moments in ON YOUR FEET! with The Curtain Up Show.

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Ektor Rivera Answers Fan Questions on’s #LiveAtFive


Ektor Rivera talks Broadway, food, and short shorts with Paul Wontorek.

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Living the American Dream, Ektor Rivera Relates to Gloria’s and Emilio’s Story


Ektor Rivera discusses his acting experiences in Puerto Rico and his journey to Broadway.

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Ektor Rivera, An Artist On and Off the Stage


An artist on and off the stage, Ektor Rivera discusses his passion for performance and visual arts with Steve Schonberg.

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Ana Villafañe and Ektor Rivera Discuss Their ON YOUR FEET! Journey


The story is gonna move you! Ana Villafañe and Ektor Rivera discuss the most rewarding moments of their journey.

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ON YOUR FEET! Vinyl Cast Album Now Available For Pre-Order

ON YOUR FEET! vinyl cast album is now available for pre-order on!

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Make It Happen: Backstage at On Your Feet! with Ana Villafane, Episode 1

In her first vlog episode, Ana Villafañe gives us a peek into the daily glitz and grind of making her Broadway debut. Teeth brushing, vanilla almond butter, a glam movie screening and a shirtless Ektor Rivera await!

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Five Burning Questions with On Your Feet! New Emilio Estefan, Ektor Rivera

Puerto Rican stage and screen star Ektor Rivera made his Broadway debut as Emilio Estefan in ON YOUR FEET!

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Ana Villafañe Plays "Sing Pretty" with

On the red carpet for Florence Foster Jenkins, Matt Rodin challenged Norm Lewis, Max von Essen, Cynthia Errivo, Courtney Reed, Ana Villafañe and more to ruin popular tunes with off-key singing!

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The Cast of ON YOUR FEET! Performs at A Capitol Fourth

Nothing says “Happy Fourth of July” like Millie Dillmount doing a patriotic medley, George Washington singing a Disney song and a Gloria and Emilio Estefan megamix.

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Ana Villafañe Shares Her Snaps From Broadway’s Biggest Night

Our leading lady, Ana Villafañe, shares her Snaps from the Tony Awards with all the backstage fun and surprises!

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Iain Loves Theatre at The Tony Awards

The adorable theater red carpet correspondent, Iain Armitage, caught up with Gloria Estefan before the Tony Awards.

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Who’s Next: Andy Señor, Jr.

Our associate director, Andy Señor, Jr., sits down with to discuss the first commercial American production performed in Cuba that he was apart of, and ON YOUR FEET!

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70th Annual Tony Awards Performance

Did the rhythm get you during last night’s Tony Awards performance? Dance with Gloria Estefan and our cast again.

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Gloria Estefan Sends Ana Villafañe Birthday Wishes With Adorable Throwback

Gloria Estefan wished Ana Villafañe a great birthday and thank her for all her hard, talented work with a special photo of the two posing years ago!

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Stars of Broadway Perform for Stars in the Alley!

We got Shubert Alley on their feet to conga dance last Friday for Stars in the Alley!

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The Tony-Nominated Choreographers Show (and Tell) Their Style

“For me to do something that I can actually put my stamp on it, that I can actually throw the history of my culture into, it’s just beautiful.” – Sergio Trujillo on his work in ON YOUR FEET!

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10 Featured Actresses Who Stopped Their Musicals This Season

Our very own Andrea Burns stops the show in her scene “Mi Tierra” from ON YOUR FEET! Take a peek at 9 other show-stopping moments from featured actresses on Broadway.

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Watch Gloria Estefan Discuss Casting of Lead Roles in ON YOUR FEET!

Gloria Estefan made a recent appearance on ABC’s Live with Kelly, where she discussed the casting of our lead roles for ON YOUR FEET!

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On Stage Across America

Gloria and Emilio Estefan discuss their new Broadway show ON YOUR FEET!, the creative process and their favorite moments from the show.

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How to Take Off Your Makeup From Broadway's Leading Ladies

Ana Villafañe shares her beauty secrets with Vogue and tells them how she survives the 80s-inspired liquid eyeliner.

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New Block of Tickets Now On Sale!

A new block of tickets have gone on sale through April 2, 2017! There’s more chances for you to come and conga with us!

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Gloria Estefan Stops by LIVE with Kelly!

“We’re really trying to connect with the audience that’s there everynight.” explained Gloria Estefan when she stopped by Live with Kelly!

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Gloria Estefan on Talk Stoop with Cat Greenleaf

The singer stops by the stoop to chat with Cat about her hit Broadway musical, her connection to her fans, and upcoming album.

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The ON YOUR FEET! Cast Stops By The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

The cast of ON YOUR FEET! teaches Stephen Colbert how to shimmy and shake it on The Late Show.

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Latin Boy Band CNCO Visits ON YOUR FEET!

The new Latin Boy Band CNCO visited us on Broadway at The Marquis Theatre May 17. Playbill captured their meet and greet with the cast after the show.

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On His Feet: Choreographer Sergio Trujillo Celebrates Tony Nomination

Our wonderful choreographer Sergio Trujillo sits down with NY1 to discuss his Tony Award nomination and the joyful process of helping create ON YOUR FEET!

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My Favorite Song: Ana Villafañe of ON YOUR FEET!

Our leading lady shares her favorite songs to sing along to with

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Gloria Estefan Congas Her Way Through a Night in Her Honor

Ms. Estefan has lost track of how many times she has seen ON YOUR FEET! “I don’t even look at it and say, ‘Wow, that’s me,’” she said. “It’s a creative piece we’ve been lucky enough to be involved with.”

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Sergio Trujillo Has Been Nominated for the Tony Award for Best Choreography

We’re dancing the conga to celebrate Sergio Trujillo’s Tony Awards nomination for Best Choreography!

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Theatre World Awards Announce 2016 Winners

Our leading lady, Ana Villafañe, has been honored with a 2016 Theatre World Award for Outstanding Broadway Debut Performance!

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Ana Villafañe, Daveed Diggs & More Among 2016 Astaire Award Nominees, Now Honoring Off-Broadway

Ana Villafañe and ON YOUR FEET! are among the nominees for the 2016 Astaire Awards. The Astaire Awards is the only awards show to honor excellence in dance and choreography on the New York stage and in film.

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Mashable takes a look at the diverse Broadway season this past year. New productions including ON YOUR FEET!, ALLEGIANCE, and SHUFFLE ALONG are almost entirely comprised of actors of color, giving voice to underrepresented stories.

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15 Breakout Performances of the Broadway Season

The Marquis crowd is on its collective feet eight times a week—thanks in large part to the performance of our Ana Villafañe, who is making her Broadway debut in the role of internationally acclaimed vocalist Gloria Estefan.

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Gloria and Emilio Estefan stop by the Today Show

Gloria and Emilio Estefan stop by the Today Show to chat about recording the live ON YOUR FEET! cast album. “You’re in it, we wanted to capture that magic because it’s such an alive show.”

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Newly Minted ON YOUR FEET! Star Ana Villafañe Leaps To Broadway Rhythms

Ever since Ana Villafañe marched across the TV screens of America leading the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to the irresistible rhythms of the Miami Sound Machine, the young actress’ status as Broadway’s newest nova has simply grown brighter.

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The 82nd Annual Drama League Award Nominations

We’re so thrilled to announce we’ve been nominated for two Drama League Awards including Outstanding Production of a Musical! Our leading lady Ana Villafañe has been nominated for Distinguished Performance as well!

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2016 Outer Critics Circle Nominees Announced

The New York theatre awards season got underway April 19 with the announcement of nominees for the 2015-16 Outer Critics Circle Awards, recognizing achievement in both Broadway and Off-Broadway. ON YOUR FEET! has been nominated for 7 OCC awards including Outstanding Broadway Musical!

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The Road to ON YOUR FEET!

In these two exclusive videos, hear this legendary duo, Gloria and Emilio Estefan, open up about their creative process, extraordinary career, inspirations and the Broadway musical based on their remarkable story, ON YOUR FEET!

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Gloria y Emilio Estefan de Broadway Conversan Con Popticular

En Times Square, la legendaria zona de Nueva York en donde se concentran la mayoría de los teatros que conforman el área de Broadway, se respira arte. Hay gente disfrazada, corriendo de un lado a otro, actores, directores, es justo aquí, donde la pareja latina más influyente de los últimos tiempos, Gloria y Emilio Estefan, decidieron contar su historia

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My Favorite Song: Josh Segarra of ON YOUR FEET!

“I love the opening number of IN THE HEIGHTS. You hear the story. He paints that picture for you.” – Josh Segarra on one of his favorite songs. He shares more about the songs he love with!

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Original Broadway Cast Recording of ON YOUR FEET! Out April 29

Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine’s classic tracks will take on a new turn with the release of the original Broadway cast recording of ON YOUR FEET! The album, out April 29 on Masterworks Broadway, was recorded live at the Broadway Marquis Theatre and produced by the Estefans.

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How Did Ana Villafañe and Andréa Burns Get Cast in ON YOUR FEET!?

Seth Rudetsky gets the inside scoop on how Ana Villafañe and Andréa Burns landed their iconic roles in ON YOUR FEET!

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Ken Posner Taps Intimidator Beam LED 350 For ON YOUR FEET!

A major challenge in creating the lighting design was replicating the concert world on a Broadway stage, which doesn’t have nearly the space of a touring venue.

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Stars Josh Segarra & Ana Villafane on Why He's Naked on Film, Her KINKY BOOTS Obsession

Our headliners Josh Segarra and Ana Villafane answer your questions about those infamous white shorts, cafecito and Emilio Estefan’s surprisingly sharp secret talent.

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Josh Segarra on Sports Talk NY

Our resident Jets fan, Josh Segarra, stops by Sports Talk NY to chat about theater, sports and his love of The Rock.

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Ana Villafañe Dishes on Playing Gloria Estefan on Broadway

Eight times a week, the Ana Villafañe channels Estefan in a performance that is so uncanny — she wears four different wigs to evoke the singer’s signature curls — one could be forgiven for thinking it was 1986. Here she chats with Latina about ON YOUR FEET!

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10 Sexiest Men on Broadway Right Now: Spring 2016

It’s spring on Broadway, and every avid theatergoer knows what that means. Shows are opening like budding flowers on the Great White Way — and bringing with them a fresh new crop of knockout actors to the stage. Our Emilio, Josh Segarra, joins their ranks!

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The Ties Between Our Two Glorias

“There’s a lot of coincidences, a lot of things that tie our lives together in some degree.” Find out the other similarities between our two Glorias!

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Get Up And Make It Happen

Backstage on February 17, Eva Longoria and Melanie Griffith meet ON YOUR FEET! star Ana Villafañe, who plays Gloria Estefan in the Broadway musical.

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10 Things You May Not Know About Me: Josh Segarra

Josh Segarra is having the time of his life and shares 10 things about himself that we may not know.

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ON YOUR FEET! Celebrates Music, Love and Life

Gloria and Emilio Estefan’s epic love of music and each other makes ON YOUR FEET! one of the most inspiring and romantic shows in recent Broadway history.

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In ON YOUR FEET!, the Dancers Never Stop Rehearsing

Our dancers never stop moving! TDF Stages caught a moment in between rehearsals to chat with them about their busy schedules and the major role that dance plays in ON YOUR FEET!

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Josh Segarra on Show People with Paul Wontorek

Josh Segarra sits down to chat about his ON YOUR FEET! costumes and why the cast is so happy.

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Ana Villafañe and Josh Segarra Sit Down with Laura Heywood

Our leads sit down with Laura Heywood (@broadwaygirlnyc) to talk about the process of bringing ON YOUR FEET! to Broadway.

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New Year, New Faces

It’s a new year, and that means a slew of new up-and-comers that inspire The New Potato on a day-to-day basis. They caught up with our leading lady to talk goals for 2016 and her ideal food day!

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Our leading lady, Ana Villafañe, joins Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero to discuss her starring role and the challenges of portraying singer Gloria Estefan.

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Ana Villafane sits down to chat Gloria Estefan ON YOUR FEET!

Raised in Miami and now based in Los Angeles, Villafañe, 26, will also co-star in “Max Steel,” an action film due out later this year. In the meantime, she’s getting used to life in New York — yes, she bought a parka . . . and snow boots.

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20 Questions in 2 Minutes with ON YOUR FEET!'s Emilio Estefan, Josh Segarra

It’s an all-new 20 questions in 2 minutes, and BroadwayBox is backstage at the Marquis Theatre for a fast and fun interview with ON YOUR FEET! star Josh Segarra.

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Top 10 Best Theatrical Performances of 2015

ON YOUR FEET! marks Ana Villafañe’s Broadway debut but her performance is of a true Broadway veteran. Not only does she resemble a young Gloria Estefan, she commands the stage like the Queen of Latin Pop herself.

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Pajama Parties, Christmas Cookies and Santa! Broadway's Littlest Stars Share Their Too-Cute Holiday Traditions

Fabi Aguirre, standby for Little Gloria, tells Playbill about the holiday traditions she’s started over at ON YOUR FEET!

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Top 7 Most Memorable Child Performances of 2015

It’s a tall order to sing and dance like the inimitable pop star Gloria Estefan — which makes it that much more impressive when it’s pulled off by an actress not yet old enough to hold a learner’s permit. Fourteen-year-old triple-threat Alexandria Suarez made it to the top of the list with her performance as Little Gloria.

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Costume Designer Emilio Sosa on Finding Inspiration in Havana & Miami

Our wonderful costume designer, Emilio Sosa, tells us how he captured Cuba and Miami in his designs, while honoring the movement of the choreography in the show.

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Alexandria Suarez on Her Fresh Prince Collection, Love of Swiffer Sweepers & Super Power Wish

Little Gloria, Alexandria Suarez, chats with about her current role in ON YOUR FEET! and wish super power she would like to have.

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Latinos Take on Broadway with ON YOUR FEET!

Ana Villafañe and Josh Segarra chat with Jack Rico about the American Dream and settling into their roles on Broadway.

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12 Broadway Breakout Stars of 2015

Our incredible leading lady, Ana Villafañe, is named one of The Hollywood Reporter’s Broadway breakout stars of 2015 for her radiant, star-making performance in ON YOUR FEET!

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ON YOUR FEET!: Broadway's Proud Latinos Ana Villafañe, Josh Segarra

Ana Villafañe and Josh Segarra sit down with NBC News to talk about the American Dream and settling into their roles on Broadway.

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Feel the Rhythm As You Spend a Sizzling Day with Luis Salgado

Our very own Luis Salgado takes us through a typical two show day with Playbill’s photo diary!

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He Can't Be Stopped! Josh Segarra Opens Up About ON YOUR FEET!

Josh Segarra chats with Broadway World about opening ON YOUR FEET!, stealing napkins from the White House and life before Broadway.

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Luis Salgado From ON YOUR FEET!

Cast member Luis Salgado sits down with NY1 to discuss performing in ON YOUR FEET!

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Gloria and Emilio Estefan Take On Broadway in ON YOUR FEET!

“It’s our personal love story,” Gloria tells FNC correspondent Michael Tammero during a backstage interview at Manhattan’s Marquis Theatre. “It’s a love story to music. It’s a love story to this country.”

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Luis Salgado - Fit For Broadway

Cast member Luis Salgado has positive energy to spare! Fit For Broadway sits down with him to talk about ON YOUR FEET! and what inspires him!

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Gloria and Emilio Estefan Build a Music Empire

Gloria and Emilio sit down with the Wall Street Journal to talk about coming to America from Cuba, falling in love, and the start of their careers.

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Gloria and Emilio Estefan on Receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom

We really do love this country and we respect it. To have been given the opportunity to live our lives the way we have and to be able to follow our dreams and work hard… it’s been phenomenal.” – Gloria Estefan

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President Obama Honors Extraordinary Medal of Freedom Recipients

Gloria Estefan and Emilio Estefan won honors for pioneering the Latin-flavored fusion sound in music and received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Gloria Estefan stops by The Late Show to chat with Stephen Colbert about ON YOUR FEET! post-Thanksgiving!

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Estefan and ‘La Bamba’ Cover Only Part of America’s Latin Culture in the 1980s

The New York Times looks at Latin culture in the 1980s and the Miami Sound Machine’s contributions.

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ON YOUR FEET! Perform on Good Morning America

Our cast members perform a spicy mega-mix on Good Morning America while Emilio Estefan admits to offering tissues to audience members, and Gloria shares relationship advice.

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Michelle Obama Brings Broadway To The White House

First Lady Michelle Obama hosted an event on Monday honoring some of the best performing arts students from around the country. Obama also showed off some of her dance moves with singer Gloria Estefan and our choreographer Sergio Trujillo, who taught one of the workshops.

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Five Burning Questions with Andrea Burns

Andréa Burns fills us in on her role in the show and advice she would give her 20 year old self.

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Alexander Dinelaris Talks About Writing Gloria Estefan’s ON YOUR FEET!

Alexander Dinelaris Jr. started his career as a screenwriter on the right foot, winning an Oscar as one of four writers on Alejandro G. Inarritu’s Birdman: Or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance). But he’s also a Broadway playwright and wrote the book for our new musical, which just opened.

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Leading Man Josh Segarra on Wearing the Shortest Short-Shorts Broadway’s Ever Seen

Who wears short shorts? Our leading man Josh Segarra wears short shorts, and chats about showing off his legs in ON YOUR FEET!

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Out100: Jerry Mitchell

“…we have to accept everyone for who they are.” – our director Jerry Mitchell in Out Magazine discussing ON YOUR FEET!for Out100.

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ON YOUR FEET!'s Emotional Broadway Opening Night

While Gloria Estefan watched the opening night performance, our book writer Alex Dinelaris told Variety why he wanted to take this job.

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Secrets Behind Mark Fisher Fitness' Broadway Transformations

Dazzling Broadway choreography may appear effortless, but the stars of the Great White Way work tirelessly offstage to execute those high kicks. Our own Andréa Burns shares how her time at Mark Fisher Fitness prepared her for dancing the night away!

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Gloria and Emilio Estefan's Triumphs and Trials Told in ON YOUR FEET!

“Emilio and I never envisioned a Broadway play about our lives.” – Gloria Estefan notes to Latin Recap, and now our Broadway opening is tonight!

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Two Young Actors Channel The Estefans in ON YOUR FEET!

“To be chosen to play this part and to step into these shoes is a huge deal.” – Ana Villafañe and Josh Segarra sit down with AP to talk about our opening night!

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ON YOUR FEET! Will Perform in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Macy’s is stuffing its Thanksgiving Day spectacle with bright Broadway stardust and ON YOUR FEET! will be performing in it on Thursday, November 26!

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Josh Segarra on Becoming Emilio Estefan for the ON YOUR FEET!

Josh Segarra spoke with TheaterMania about his relationship with the Estefans and about what ON YOUR FEET! means to him as a Latino actor.

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Gloria and Emilio Estefan Bring Their Story And Savvy To Broadway

“When interviewing Gloria and Emilio, one has the sense of sitting with a finely honed comedy duo, who finish each other’s punchlines, jokes and stories without missing a beat.”

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Ana Villafañe Reaches for the Stars

W Magazine chats with our leading lady and sees why it’s easy to see why the iconic songstress, Gloria Estefan, hand-picked Villafañe from thousands of young women to embody her on stage.

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Gloria Estefan: Caught by The Rhythm

Gloria Estefan talks about the making of ON YOUR FEET! and our journey to Broadway on CBS Sunday Morning!

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Oscar-Winning Writer Alex Dinelaris Takes on Estefan Story

Oscar-winner writer, Alex Dinelaris, takes on the Estefan story and talks about how he got the inspiration to write ON YOUR FEET!

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Meet Ana Villafañe, the Actress Playing Gloria Estefan on Broadway

Our leading lady, Ana Villafañe, sits down with People to talk about how being cast in ON YOUR FEET! is a dream-come-true moment!

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Learn More About Our Leading Lady Ana Villafañe

Our leading lady, Ana Villafañe, sits down with to chat about her dream diva roles and why you’ll never see her barefoot.

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R. Evolucion Latina's Kids Beyond Broadway Campers Meet Our Cast Members

Twenty-five deserving kids from R.Evolución Latina’s summer camp had the opportunity to see ON YOUR FEET! kicking off their 2015/2016 season of the Kids Beyond Broadway program.

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Our Leading Actors Share Insight About The Show

Our leading actors sit down with Fox News Latino to share insight about ON YOUR FEET! coming to Broadway!

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Rita Moreno Interviews Gloria & Emilio Estefan at 92Y

The 92Y hosted a conversation with Rita Moreno and ON YOUR FEET!’s Gloria & Emilio Estefan on October 19th.

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Reaching For Gloria on Broadway

Gloria Estefan chats about our leading lady Ana Villafañe and how, “culturally, she understands where I came from. And she’s the height people think I am.”

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Gloria Estefan Tells Fans What To Expect from ON YOUR FEET!

Gloria Estefan sits down with PopSugar to talk about casting, choosing the songs and what fans can expect from the show!

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"Conga" Made Billboard Hot 100 Debut 30 Years Ago in 1985

Before becoming an amazing number in ON YOUR FEET!, Miami Sound Machine’s song “Conga” featuring Gloria Estefan, made it’s Billboard Hot 100 debut on October 19,1985!

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Gloria and Emilio Estefan Celebrate Immigrants in ON YOUR FEET!

Gloria Estefan and her husband, Emilio, are shepherding their musical biography ON YOUR FEET! to Broadway this fall. It’s a show that celebrates two Cuban-Americans who embraced the American Dream.

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Get to Know the Estefans… And How They Chose Their Onstage Counterparts

The Estefans are coming to Broadway, and they’ve enlisted Ana Villafañe and Josh Segarra to tell their story. Get to know how Villafañe and Segarra booked the gig and now star as the iconic music duo at the center of ON YOUR FEET!

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A Glorious First Preview for the Gloria & Emilio Estefan Musical On Your Feet!

We have to admit, the rhythm did get us as we conga-ed to snap this shot of the stars taking their first bow. The high-energy musical officially opens on the Great White Way on November 5.

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5 Fun Facts About The 'Queen of Latin Pop'

Larry King sat down with pop sensation Gloria Estefan to discuss hidden talents and ON YOUR FEET!

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Get ON YOUR FEET! Gloria Estefan's Musical Hits Broadway

ON YOUR FEET!, the new musical based on the lives of seven-time Grammy winner Gloria Estefan and her husband, producer-musician-entrepreneur Emilio Estefan, begins previews on Broadway Oct. 5 at the Marquis Theatre

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Broadway Gets On Its Feet

ON YOUR FEET! chronicles the seemingly-impossible feats Gloria and Emilio Estefan had to overcome to “achieve the American dream.”

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Ana Villafañe Talks Playing Gloria Estefan

Ana Villafañe might be the new kid on the block on Broadway, but this is only the beginning for the triple-threat beauty.

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Carlos E. Gonzalez - Dancing To The Beat In ON YOUR FEET!

“I’m so excited to share my Broadway debut with my family, friends, classmates, teachers and mentors who all helped me on this journey.” – Carlos E. Gonzalez

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Emilio Estefan Previews ON YOUR FEET

Emilio Estefan stops by Good Day New York to talk about ON YOUR FEET!

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Latina Takeover: Actress From Miami Are Playing Big Roles

Ana Villafañe chats with Broward Palm Beach New Times about her new role on Broadway playing Gloria Estefan.

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Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine Hit Broadway's Minskoff September 14

Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine: A Benefit Concert for Viva Broadway, kicking off Hispanic Heritage Month, takes place Sept. 14 at the Minskoff Theatre.

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This Broadway Season, Diversity Is Front and Center

“For the first audition…I was dancing Afro-Caribbean stuff. That’s when I knew: O.K., this is my show. We’re home.” – Cast member Carlos Gonzalez

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The Marquis Theatre box office is open and Broadway Box is excited to get on their feet when performances begin!

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Celebrate the Fourth of July with Gloria Estefan

Gloria Estefan will debut a new original song “America” during Macy’s celebration on the Fourth of July.

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The Rhythm Really Is Gonna Get You

In the new Broadway season, ON YOUR FEET! is one new entry with legs.

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ON YOUR FEET! Renews Faith in the American Dream

Through incredible dancing, costumes and music, the audience learns that it wasn’t just the music that bound Gloria and Emilio Estefan, but a desire to show the world their authentic, Latin selves.

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Latinos on Broadway - The Cast of ON YOUR FEET

R.Evolucion and cast member Luis Salgado go backstage to discuss why ON YOUR FEET!’s story is important for Broadway.

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Get ON YOUR FEET! Gloria Estefan's Broadway-Bound Musical Opens Tonight in Chicago

The ON YOUR FEET! world-premiere engagement, starring Ana Villafañe and Josh Segarra opens tonight and continues through July 5.

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Four Chicago Shows Moving to Broadway

ON YOUR FEET! is one of the shows running in Chicago that will arrive on Broadway next season.

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Chicago Tribune Gets Behind the Story of ON YOUR FEET!

Go behind the scenes of Gloria and Emilio Estefan’s new musical.

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ON YOUR FEET! on Entertainment Tonight

Get on your feet for a peek inside the Oriental Theatre at our world premiere in Chicago!

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ON YOUR FEET! Takes First Steps at Chicago's Oriental Theatre

The Conga line on Tuesday morning led straight into the lobby of Oriental Theater as Emilio and Gloria Estefan greeted the press in preparation for the debut of their Broadway-bound musical.

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Video: Ana Villafane & Josh Segarra on Bringing ON YOUR FEET! to Broadway

Ana Villafane and Josh Segarra on bringing the story of Gloria and Emilio Estefan to Broadway.

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ON YOUR FEET! About Gloria and Emilio Estefan Casts Its Stars

Gloria and Emilio Estefan introduced Ana Villafane and Josh Segarra who will be playing them in ON YOUR FEET!

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Gloria and Emilio Estefan's Love Story Hits Broadway

Watch Gloria and Emilio Estefan announce who will be playing them in ON YOUR FEET! on the Today Show.

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Emilio and Gloria Estefan on Casting

ET met up with Gloria and Emilio as they cast their new Broadway musical based on their lives.

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Gloria Estefan talks ON YOUR FEET!

Gloria sat down with Miami New Times to discuss the process of bringing her life to Broadway.

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Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine to put on Concert

Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine: A Benefit Concert for Viva Broadway will take place Sept. 14 at the Minskoff Theatre.

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"Infectiously fun with genuine heart!

If you aren't humming a Gloria Estefan hit when you leave the theater, it might be time to check your pulse."

- Associated Press


We all know exactly what elixir we've come for, and doses of delight are dispensed from the stage all through ON YOUR FEET!"

- The Washington Post

"Packed with a seductive beat, tender heart & genuine joy!

Just try keeping the grin off your face."

- The Hollywood Reporter

"With its smoking-hot choreography, charming book and tear-it-up band, the rhythm will almost certainly get you!"

- The Wall Street Journal

"Resist if you dare!

A salsa-splashed showcase of the dance-floor hits and swoony ballads that made Gloria Estefan and the band Miami Sound Machine a radio and MTV staple, ON YOUR FEET! roars through the up-tempo dance numbers with swirling skirts, swiveling hips, and a crackerjack band. The very air in the room seems to vibrate in this fresh, flashy and undeniably crowd-pleasing new musical!"

- The New York Times

"Joyful & exuberant!

Director Jerry Mitchell has done it again! With heartfelt emotion and phenomenal, heart-pounding dancing, ON YOUR FEET! finds that feel-good-musical sweet spot. It does exactly what it promises: gets the audience up on their feet and cheering. It will draw you in and keep you hooked!"

- NY1

"ON YOUR FEET! is a rare show that earns its exclamation mark."

- New York Post

"Explosive & insightful, it's a sure-fire tear-jerker with hot-hot music and suspense."

- The Huffington Post

"An exuberantly fun, razzle-dazzle production!

- Variety

"ON YOUR FEET! makes good on its joyous promise, delivering an emotional, heart-stirring and triumphant finale."

- Daily News

"Uplifting, intimate and inspirational!"


"ON YOUR FEET! offers musical fireworks with an underlying warmth,

in showcasing the closeness and caring of a family across generations. The propulsive staging of Gloria Estefan's hit Latin-pop songs, choreographed by Sergio Trujillo and performed by an onstage band and a crowd of hip-jutting singers and dancers, captivates and brings real pleasure to fans."

- The Record

"Explosively energetic and surprisingly emotional!

ON YOUR FEET! is not merely a music and dance celebration. You feel the connection of Gloria and Emilio, their Cuban roots and the promise of the American dream - it's the story and heart that get you on your feet!"

- Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

“It will renew your faith in the American dream!”

- Huffington Post

“Smart, sophisticated & SPECTACULAR!”

- Time Out Chicago

“Exhilarating dancing, invigorating music, and a truly inspirational story!”

- Huffington Post